About Us

Dog Retreat in Birmingham

Steven Scott had a dream to open the best dog kennel in Birmingham AL .  With a highly trained staff and a dog lover’s mindset, Camp Scotty opened in the Summer of 2015 with an open door policy to dog owners to discover what makes Camp Scotty so different than the typical Kennel in Birmingham.  Meet the owners and employees of Camp Scotty, take a tour of their state of the art dog service facility, and you will quickly see what sets us apart from other places.


Camp Scotty Dog Services

Camp Scotty is located in Pelham AL just off Pelham Pkwy (Hwy 31) just south of Hoover AL.  The entire building was constructed with providing dogs a state of the art atmosphere when it comes dog boarding, dog daycare services, dog grooming, DIY Baths (self wash enclosed tubs) with heated dryers, and full service dog training from pre-puppy training to advanced behavioral classes for dogs.


Our staff and ownership have the experience necessary to deal with all types, sizes and shapes of dogs.  We offer security cameras that serve as webcams for you to keep an eye on your pooch in the event you want to check in on them as well.

Camp Scotty Dog Boarding Birmingham Facility

Camp Scotty’s dog boarding and daycare services offer over 40 large 8’x15’, 5’×9’, 5’x8’, and 5’x5’ suites that will accommodate multiple dogs from the same household if needed or alone if preferred.  Each of the dogs are walked and allow to play 6 or more times per day in either our indoor play area or outside in a huge 5,700 square foot yard that is completely fenced and secure. It is divided into three areas for large and small dogs and another spot to walk the dogs not good for daycare. A staff member is present with them at all times.  We have a relaxed, yet structured policy of allowing the dogs to hang out with their friends while they’re on vacation with us.

The Camp Scotty Difference

Camp Scotty genuinely cares about animals and the founders have been in the pet industry for over 30 years.  Some kennels in Birmingham are merely cages in a veterinary facility as an added service for clients that go on vacation.

With Camp Scotty, our comfortable suites and playtime will seem like a vacation for your dog!