Pet Taxi

Dog Retreat in Birmingham

Dog Boarding Limousine Service for Birmingham, AL 

Camp Scotty is well known by its clients for going the extra mile.  With our newly added Limousine service for dog boarders, we’ll literally drive the “extra mile” to pick up and drop off your pets to and from your home.


Uber or Yellow Cab won’t pick up your dog?  Need a ride to the airport, the vet, a dog boarding, doggie daycare or a dog grooming appointment?


Introducing Camp Scotty’s Pet Chauffer Services for the Birmingham Area! Dog boarding limo service, pet chauffer birmingham al, dog limousine service birmingham al


Now your pooch can ride in style, and enjoy the luxurious amenities provided with our limo service for dog boarders in the Birmingham AL surrounding areas.


We can pick up your pet for pet boarding or dog daycare. Our dog handling professionals will safely transport your pet so he or she can enjoy everything our luxury pet boarding facilities have to offer.


If you’ve got a busy schedule, are in the midst of a move or can’t fit your pets in the car, let Camp Scotty’s Dog Limousine Service help.

Dog Boarding Limo Service and Airport Transportation

Leaving or returning from a trip? Our dog boarding limo service can drive you to the airport with your pet and then bring your pet to our resorts. Our limo service can then meet you at the airport with your pet and take you straight home!

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From our previous campers, and their owners, it’s no secret that dogs love the dog daycare facility at Camp Scotty.  You can tell by the way they howl and bark with excitement at the mention of C-A-M-P S-C-O-T-T-Y. Maybe it’s the way they pull their parents from the parking lot through the front door, because they’re excited to go play with their furry friends. Parents love Camp Scotty’s dog daycare service too; they know while they are busy working or away for the day, their pooch is happier and healthier because of the many benefits of Camp Scotty.


At Camp Scotty, we leave nothing to the imagination when it comes to pampering your pets and ensuring they have a great time at our 5-Star Pet Resort!


25$ Minimum for Drop off or Pickup within 10 miles. 2$ per mile after 10 miles.  Must give 24 hour notice.  (the more the better)

Limousine Airport service Prices vary depending on time of day, traffic etc.  Must book in advance.